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“The date was exciting and I would not have done anything differently.”Charles, 28
“Attractive, just my type, got better over the time together.”Tim, 43
"Soniyah has empowered me with a new found perspective that I do deserve true love."Marc, 34
"The two men Soniyah has introduced me to so far are fantastic! Like, if I was ordering off of a menu!”Todd, 41
“Soniyah has helped me learn how to open up and be honest about my history, my feelings, my accomplishments along the way.”Seth, 50
“I feel shifts within myself and in my relations with the so-called external world already"Marcus, 61
“The part of love most about the service is Soniyah carefully interviews potential matches for me and really gets to know them.”Kaden, 43

We believe love is inevitable.

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