Client or Catch?

The choice is yours.

Soniyah Singh

Finding Bliss springs from love. Not surprising to hear for a gay matchmaking company, but the true passion for it lies with founder Soniyah Singh. Soniyah is in love with love, and although her career in gay matchmaking wasn’t planned, it clearly was no accident.

After moving to San Francisco from the east coast and wanting more than the serial dating, Soniyah was introduced to a local matchmaking firm. She joined as a candidate but through a little consulting work she did for them, it quickly became obvious that Soniyah with her open mind, warm personality, great listening skills and huge respect for love, she had an innate talent for matchmaking. Within a few months, her consulting work with the company led to a full-time gay matchmaking position.

Five years later, after immersing herself in the industry and helping many gay couples find love, Soniyah started Finding Bliss, a time-honored gay matchmaking service focused on gay men. Soniyah not only personally works on all matches for her clients, but also coaches men and women in opening to themselves to find true love. Soniyah believes that love is available to everyone, and she will help you find it!

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little about Soniyah, let her get to know you. She’s excited to meet you, and help you open up to true love so, get in touch with her today.

[Note: She understands that contacting her is an important first step in your openness and commitment to finding love. She's found some men prefer to call her and some prefer to fill out the contact form . She's included both so you have a choice of whatever you are most comfortable with.]