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Soniyah Singh: Expert Matchmaker

Simply put, Finding Bliss founder Soniyah Singh is in love with love. As a long-standing part of her family’s culture, matchmaking is woven into her being – yet she discovered her passion for matchmaking almost by “accident.” Initially, she had joined a local matchmaking service as a candidate but quickly learned that her magnetic energy, warm personality, and intuitive listening skills would lead her down a path more fulfilling than she could ever have imagined.

A consulting position with the company soon became a full-time matchmaking position, where Soniyah uncovered her natural talent for facilitating deep and meaningful connections. It was during a particularly transformational session, while reaching a breakthrough with a gay client, that she unearthed her own sexuality – for the first time recognizing and embracing herself as a gay woman. This life-changing experience left Soniyah with a profound connectedness to her gay male clients.

Dozens of happy couples later, Soniyah created Finding Bliss because she truly believes in the power and joy of love. She delights not only in helping people to find love, but more importantly, loving themselves. She is intimately familiar with the unique needs and desires in finding, creating and nurturing loving partnerships. Soniyah is also committed to personally working on all matches for her clients. After working gay men for 6 years, Soniyah has expanded her practice to work with all sexual orientations.

Relationship coach

Finding true love requires clear intention along with the right mindset. As part of her signature system, Soniyah coaches her clients to overcome fears of acceptance, rejection, and ultimately helps them to become open to allowing love to find its way in. True love is available to everyone, and she will help you find it!

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Now that you’ve gotten to know a little about Soniyah, let her get to know you. She’s excited to meet you, and help you create the deep and meaningful connection you have been craving, so call her today at 415-490-6909.